May 21, 2020

A Needed Reminder: Jesus Triumphs

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You’ve probably been fascinated and perplexed by the book of Revelation at some point. I know I have. Christian bestseller lists indicate we’re not alone. Even non-Christians find the book’s apocalyptic imagery compelling.

Over the centuries, Revelation has confused readers and sparked debates about the end times. It’s been the source of much speculation about decoding current events.

More than anything else, however, Revelation has been a means of great comfort.

Differences continue over what Revelation says about the end of the world and its timing, but whatever view we take of the millennium, the rapture, the tribulation, plagues, shadowy figures, and other matters, I think we can agree on at least one thing—Revelation is comforting because it shows us that Jesus triumphs.

We need to hear that message, don’t we? We’re living in an era of great upheaval and confusion. Even the global health scare and financial crisis have shown us that what society takes for granted can be upended or even destroyed in a matter of days. And the moral compass for most of the world has been lost. It seems ethics are up for grabs, and even the very basics of male and female biology. Christians are facing severe persecution around the world, even in countries once hospitable to the gospel message.

Our current situation is unlike anything we’ve experienced in our lifetime. But as I have learned from Dr. R.C. Sproul, our world is not unlike that of the first-century Roman Empire, the historical setting of the book of Revelation. It was a world of violence, of tremendous social flux, of moral anarchy, of contagious disease, and of Christian persecution. And what did the Lord prescribe for the Christians in that world who needed comfort? The Holy Spirit granted the Apostle John a heavenly vision and inspired him to write the Christian church an urgent message—the book of Revelation.

Unlike John’s words, of course, these ministry updates that we regularly publish are not God-breathed Scripture. But one of the reasons we write them is in the hopes that they will also encourage and comfort you. Being able to share with you just some of what God is doing through your support is a great joy for me. I hear firsthand from so many churches and Christians around the world about what the Lord is doing among them and how friends such as you are helping them through Ligonier’s ongoing ministry. They are grateful and I am grateful. Thank you.

Our greatest comfort, however, comes as we understand the Scriptures and meet within the pages of the Bible the holy and gracious God who is overcoming His enemies. Jesus has overcome our sin by the power of the cross and now sends His people on mission. That’s really why Ligonier exists—to assist people like you and me in understanding God’s Word so that we will be comforted by the truth that Jesus prevails. With this knowledge, we will be better equipped to take the gospel to our families and neighbors. Your support is vital for this mission to impact others. As you stand with us in prayer and with your donations, people around the world are growing in biblical truth. Your gift of any amount this month will help equip even more men and women with God’s Word.

The book of Revelation reminds us that Christ has defeated Satan and that his doom is sure. Yet, we also know from Revelation that until Jesus returns, the devil remains a vicious foe. We need not be afraid of him if we are on God’s side through faith in Christ, but we must be wise to Satan’s schemes, for he seeks to devour us.

As we look all around us, it is clear that the enemy is on the move. No longer do we see a storm on the horizon. That storm is here. Now. Fear is gripping so many, even some within the church. Aggressive secularists and ruthless totalitarians seem to seize every opportunity to drive the church into irrelevance, threatening Chrisitans’ freedom to worship and to proclaim the gospel. In too many places the church is compromised, and so-called Christian institutions and organizations are not holding the line on the truth. As R.C. said in an interview shortly before he went home to be with the Lord, we cannot just blindly assume that those who were faithful thirty, twenty, even ten years ago are remaining true to God’s Word today.

If you, I, and God’s people everywhere are to be sustained in these dangerous days, we must:

  • Be firmly rooted in the Bible in all of its authority, sufficiency, and power to change lives, to confront the sinner, to comfort the suffering, and to bring reformation to every part of human society;
  • Know who God is in His holiness, majesty, sovereignty, glory, and grace so that we may worship and enjoy Him.

Now is the time to stand with conviction on the truth once delivered to the saints. Ligonier is committed to doing just that. Every Ligonier outreach you support and ministry you sustain advances the great work God gave to R.C. to believe and teach that which the Lord has revealed.

The stakes are high. We’re in a daily battle for people’s hearts around the world as the gospel goes forth because it’s the only way they can be reconciled to God (2 Cor. 5:20). This is a battle for holiness as believers are helped to apply biblical teaching to every area of life.

And especially in the past few months, the demand is surging globally for Ligonier’s trustworthy teaching. Because of Dr. Sproul’s decades of steadfast service and comprehensive teaching, I know of no other ministry that covers the breadth of topics that we do with the amount of depth found in all of our resources.

Your support is felt every day. One student recently said, “Finding R.C. Sproul and his teaching ministry has radically changed my life and worldview. I devoured all the free teaching series in a matter of months from the Ligonier app and I’m still an avid listener of Renewing Your Mind.”

Christians tell us that they need clear, confident, biblically grounded teaching to find comfort and strength now. We all look forward to the day when God will wipe away all our tears, when there will be no more sickness, death, pain, or betrayal. Until that day comes when Christ returns, there is a job to do in telling God’s truth to as many people as possible. Your prayers and financial support enable just that.

We have been looking forward with particular delight to the upcoming release of Dr. W. Robert Godfrey’s new DVD teaching series Blessed Hope: The Book of Revelation, as we believe this resource will be a joy and comfort to those who use it for personal or group study. It is our gift to you this month when you give a donation of any amount to Ligonier’s outreach. Your support enables the thoughtful production of discipleship helps in many languages and speeds their distribution around the world.

This opportunity to support the work of God is urgent and needed. You’ll receive teaching that I am convinced will be of great encouragement to you in this troubled age. Matters of life and death are front and center around the world at this hour, and people need to hear what the Lord has to say to the most important issue—the state of their souls.

Thank you for standing with Ligonier.