May 4, 2022

More Trusted Teaching in the World’s Most-Spoken Languages

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By the grace of God, more and more people around the globe are being awakened to His holiness. The Lord is bringing reformation to His church and transformation to many lives as your support fuels the translation of more biblical teaching from Ligonier and helps spread it to the ends of the earth. Thank you for your generous gospel partnership in support of this global outreach.

Building a Foundation for Christian Growth

The Reformation Study Bible is an unparalleled resource for Christian discipleship, and people around the world contact us with requests to translate this study Bible into their native tongue. For the first time, this trusted resource is now available in Portuguese, and work continues on the French Edition, which is due for publication in 2024.

Through the Study Bibles for Africa outreach initiative, our goal is to distribute 100,000 Reformation Study Bibles to pastors, church leaders, and students throughout Africa by 2028. Your generous support has surpassed all expectations, and we are already nearing completion of our fundraising goal. We give thanks to God that we have raised more than $1,433,000, with less than $67,000 remaining, and 35,000 study Bibles have already been distributed.

We recently heard from Jonathan, a staff member at a Reformed seminary in Nigeria whose ministry has been directly impacted as a result of your generosity:

It has been a blessed year for us. The impact of COVID-19 has been there, but the Lord has seen us through, especially with the blessing of the Reformation Study Bible in the hands of all our new students. We are really elated and wish to say thank you again. The cost of a study Bible today is just beyond the reach of even our lecturers, but our students have them as a special gift. May the Lord bless you and your ministry in 2022 and beyond.

Another foundational tool for learning the Scriptures is Dr. R.C. Sproul’s overview of the Bible in 57 messages, Dust to Glory. This teaching series provides a starting point for growing Christians to understand the content of the Bible. Both the Old and New Testament messages of Dust to Glory have been dubbed in Spanish. The Old Testament messages from this series have also been dubbed in Mandarin Chinese, and the New Testament messages will be released soon.

Dr. Sproul’s 60-message overview of systematic theology, Foundations, is one more helpful place to turn for further theological study. This teaching resource and accompanying study guide are now available in Spanish.

All Christians share a lifelong pursuit of growing in faith. To encourage Burmese Christians as they navigate remaining faithful to God amid ongoing persecution from the ruling military government, we have supported the Burmese translation and print run of 6,000 copies of Dr. Sproul’s book The Race of Faith. This book is also available in eleven other languages.

Difficult Questions, Biblical Answers

Christians at all stages of growth and maturity have questions about who God is, what the Bible says, and how to live as God’s people in a fallen world. To help believers in India address questions about the truths of the Christian faith amid growing persecution, we recently translated Who Is Jesus? and Does Prayer Change Things? from Dr. Sproul’s Crucial Questions booklet series into Hindi. Additionally, What Does It Mean to Be Born Again? from this same series is the first title from Dr. Sproul to be translated into Modern Hebrew.

There is an urgent need to help Christians answer questions about the identity of Jesus Christ. To help meet this need, we recently dubbed Dr. Sproul’s teaching series What Did Jesus Do?: Understanding the Work of Christ in Hindi. In 2016, The Ligonier Statement on Christology was carefully crafted to help people better understand the person and work of Christ. To date, this document is available in 23 languages, and several more translations will be available soon.

Extending Gospel Outreach

In countries where it is illegal to preach the gospel or access to print resources are scarce, satellite television has become an important avenue for sharing biblical teaching far and wide. For example, Dr. Sproul’s teaching is widely broadcast in Arabic and Farsi throughout the Middle East. Also, we have recently started broadcasting Dr. Sproul’s teaching series Moses and the Burning Bush in Indonesia. In Nairobi, Kenya, Dr. Sproul’s teaching is being broadcast by radio and online three days a week.

Sharing a Story of God’s Faithfulness with the World

Many Christian leaders around the globe have been influenced by the teaching of Dr. R.C. Sproul and are now proclaiming the great truths of the historic Christian faith with an emphasis on the holiness of God. Spanish-speaking Christians can now enjoy reading about Ligonier Ministries’ founder in Dr. Stephen Nichols’ book R.C. Sproul: A Life. This is the first translated edition of Dr. Sproul’s biography, and we hope to translate this book into more languages in the future.

You Make Ministry Happen

As the global demand is on the rise for clear and faithful teaching from God’s Word, your generous support helps translate, publish, and distribute biblical teaching that is grounded in the historic Christian faith.

The Great Commission is the responsibility of every church. Let us know how we can serve your congregation as it supports missions around the world by contacting our team today. We can help you find and share resources in specific languages and formats.

Please pray with us that these discipleship resources will continue to serve the church throughout the world, all so that more people in more places may be awakened to the holiness of God. Thank you.