Apr 24, 2014

Ministering to the Sexually Broken: An Interview with John Freeman

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Here's an excerpt from Ministering to the Sexually Broken, an interview with John Freeman from the April issue of Tabletalk:

TT: Why is sexual sin so destructive?

JF: Sex has the unique power, almost like nothing else, to either bless or to harm and exploit. There's usually no in-between. When used to bless your spouse, it's a beautiful picture of Christ's relationship with His church. When it takes on a life of its own, used for one's personal satisfaction to meet one's own demands and outside the bounds God intended, it is debilitating and unruly. These struggles can also be quite unobservable and may stay hidden for a very long time (twenty, thirty, or forty years) in people's lives. Therefore, they will corrode and erode the soul like no other sin struggle—robbing the person of their very spiritual life breath, resulting in an inability to love God or others well. They also can cause financial, emotional, and psychological damage.

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