Nov 3, 2020

Mine the Riches of God’s Word

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You and I share something very important: we both want to see the Word of God proclaimed in truth and in power to more and more people around the world. This month, to thank you for your help in proclaiming God’s Word, we’ll send you Dr. R.C. Sproul’s new commentary on Luke when you give a gift of any amount.

One of my greatest joys in serving at Ligonier Ministries is knowing that ministry friends such as you are committed to the Scriptures. Dr. R.C. Sproul and the other Ligonier teachers are first and foremost Bible teachers—those committed to God’s inerrant Word. By God’s grace, throughout his decades of ministry, Dr. Sproul remained a student of God’s Word and a lover of God’s Word. You could hear the delight in his voice as he shared with others the truths he was studying.

Our foundation is the Bible. We proclaim the Bible. We teach the Bible. We defend the Bible. Unashamedly.

In God’s providence, Dr. Sproul’s massive collection of teaching continues to edify God’s people worldwide. We see this being a blessing to the church for generations. But Dr. Sproul also had the foresight to ensure that Ligonier was well prepared by gathering faithful teachers who would stand on God’s Word to carry the mission forward after he went home to be with the Lord.

There’s an urgent, deep, and growing need for this teaching. Church leaders in many countries lack adequate study libraries to help them feed their flocks, and we are seeking to help them. We’ve just released the Reformation Study Bible, itself a one-volume storehouse of Bible study resources, in Spanish, and your support is enabling the release of the Portuguese edition soon. Work on French and Arabic versions continues steadily. We are also expanding our international teaching efforts by adding new, online, multilingual events, developing partnerships with like-minded ministries in other countries, and seeking to efficiently and effectively distribute more and more Ligonier resources.

But even here in the United States, the need for Ligonier’s unique work is great. This year’s State of Theology survey suggests that 30 percent of U.S. evangelicals believe Jesus was a great teacher but is not God. In a nation where nearly one in three “Bible-believing Christians” embraces outright heresy, it is chillingly evident that biblical illiteracy is running rampant in the church.

Happily, you can help us meet this great need. Under the Lord’s blessing, the teaching you enable through your sustaining prayers and financial support is being used by the Lord to transform hearts and minds in many places at home and abroad. I wish I could share with you all that we’re hearing about your impact. Allow me to share just two recent testimonies.

Ram, from Iran, says about our Farsi website,

“As long as I remember, we never had any website like this to provide solid and Reformed teaching in Farsi. We love R.C. Sproul because of his simplicity of explaining hard theological concepts. He is our favorite teacher. I am using the website’s content in my teaching and ask our underground churches to study through it.”

And Bill and Cindy, from Virginia, write,

“We give thanks to our chief Shepherd for providing your wonderful team of theologians and teaching fellows who faithfully share God's Word so that it will dwell in us richly and nourish our souls.”

Your support allows people such as Ram, Bill, and Cindy to be reached with the life-changing truth of Scripture, which is why we want to thank you by sending you Dr. Sproul’s commentary on Luke when you give a gift of any amount. This completes his commentary on all four Gospels. Not only will your support help others know God’s Word more deeply, but you’ll also receive a resource to help you grow or to give to a friend or family member.

Ligonier stands with you to proclaim, teach, and defend God’s Word worldwide. Your vital support makes all this possible. Thank you for your generosity.