May 27, 2022

Military Chaplains Need Your Help

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Men and women in the armed forces are serving bravely around the world. But who is serving them?

It takes great sacrifice for soldiers to protect their homeland and pursue peace. But the last thing they should have to sacrifice is their spiritual well-being. Military chaplains play an essential role in ministering to the troops, but too often chaplains lack the resources they need to effectively serve all the people in their care. That’s where you can help.

Dr. R.C. Sproul launched Ligonier’s Military Chaplain Outreach to ensure that men and women in the armed forces are well equipped to grow in their Christian faith. Your generous support today helps supply chaplains with custom care packages so they can faithfully minister to those under their care.

Soldiers on active duty aren’t the only ones making significant sacrifices. Many military families are required to move often, making it challenging to find stability in a solid local church. The care packages you provide to chaplains enable military spouses and children to benefit from sound books, teaching series, the Reformation Study Bible, Tabletalk magazine, and more, helping them remain anchored in the historic Christian faith and encourage the people around them with these life-changing truths.

We recently spoke with Kristin, the wife of a military chaplain, whose family has been blessed through Ligonier’s discipleship resources. Over the years, the biblical truths of Reformed theology have helped Kristin and her family face the challenges of military service with steadfast faith in Jesus Christ. Watch Kristin’s story below.

Col. Pete Sniffin, Ligonier’s senior advisor for chaplain outreach, served as a U.S. Army chaplain for more than 30 years. He’s no stranger to the hardships faced by chaplains in the armed forces, who are often serving without the help and encouragement of other mature Christians. He said:

“These chaplains don’t have regular access to their presbyteries and other ministerial bodies that support them. They’re out there around the world, and they are often isolated. We have to work to overcome that and avoid spiritual isolation. We think of Ligonier’s teaching resources primarily as tools for the chaplains to use in ministry, but these teaching resources are also a ministry to the chaplains themselves.”

With all the demands that these chaplains face, we want to ensure that they’re spiritually nourished and amply outfitted with gospel-centered resources. Your support makes it possible to supply the solid biblical teaching they need for their own continued growth and for the members of the armed forces entrusted to their care. This need continues to rise steeply as more and more chaplains seek out Ligonier’s teaching.

“The soldiers in our battalion have greatly benefited from these resources. As those soldiers who are growing in their faith and theological understanding continue to use these, they offer a springboard for discipleship and evangelistic discussions with them.” —CH STRAETER

Today, about 450 military chaplains partner with Ligonier, and most of these chaplains are ministering to thousands of servicemen and women at a time. Thanks to the financial support of those who believe in this outreach and want to see it expand, our partner chaplains serve more than 1,000,000 people, including men and women in uniform as well as their families.

“Thanks so much for the influential ministry you have to our military, not only by providing us biblical materials but also for your faithful prayers as we fight these spiritual battles on a daily basis.” —CH STEPHEN SCOTT

Millions more on the front lines and the home front are still awaiting needed reinforcements in the fight of faith. By God’s grace, your gift of $25, $50, or $100 can provide a spiritual supply line for soldiers, military families, and chaplains, arming God’s people with truth so they can stand firm in the faith and honor the Lord wherever He stations them.

Thank you for prayerfully considering this opportunity to minister to the armed forces through your generous support. And if you know a chaplain who would be interested in receiving our materials, please have them contact the team at We would be honored to serve them with you.