Aug 3, 2011

The Mighty Weakness of John Knox, from Reformation Trust Publishing

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Do you feel little and frail, unable to accomplish the work God has set before you? Or maybe you feel like Moses who thought he was ill-equipped and under-qualified to bring God’s people out of Egypt: “Oh, my Lord, I am not eloquent . . . but I am slow of speech and of tongue” (Ex. 4:10). Either way, this practical biography of John Knox will serve as an encouragement and inspiration to you as you seek to carry out the work of the Kingdom.

The life of John Knox is a testament to God’s transforming power and his ability to show forth His strength in man’s weakness. More than just a biography of this prominent historical figure, The Mighty Weakness of John Knox also serves to examine how God Almighty took a man like John Knox, frail in body and diminutive in stature, and raised him up to become one of the most influential preachers in church history, causing a brushfire of revival and crushing the schemes of the devil.

Dr. George Grant, pastor of East Parish Presbyterian Church in Franklin, Tennessee, had this to say about the book:

“In the compass of this small volume, Douglas Bond somehow manages to corral all the mysterious paradoxes of John Knox: the thunderous pulpit and the closet intercessions, the soaring intellect and the humble home life, the boldness and the meekness, the might and the weakness. In other words, Bond has captured the very essence of this remarkable model for reformational ministry.”

Dr. Steven J. Lawson is the editor for the Long Line of Godly Men Profiles series. The Mighty Weakness of John Knox is the third book in the series, preceded by The Expository Genius of John Calvin and The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards by Steven J. Lawson.

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About the Author

Douglas Bond is the head of the English Department at Covenant High School in Tacoma, Washington, where he teaches literature, writing, and history. He also lectures on literature and church history, and leads frequent historical study tours in Europe.

Graduating from St. Martin’s University, Bond holds a graduate degree in English education as well as a preliminary certificate in theology from Moore Theological College in Australia. He is an ordained ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church in America.

Bond has also written numerous works of fiction, many of them for young people, including the Crown & Covenant trilogy (focusing on a Covenanter family in Scotland) and the Faith & Freedom trilogy (following the same family to Revolutionary America). His fictional works also include a novel about John Calvin, The Betrayal. Among his nonfiction titles are Fathers and Sons Stand Fast in the Way of Truth and Fathers and Sons Hold Fast in a Broken World.

Bond and his wife, Cheryl, have four sons and two daughters. They live in Tacoma.

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