Nov 8, 2012

The Mighty Weakness of John Knox — 99¢ eBook Sale

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For a limited time Reformation Trust is making select titles even more accessible as we lower their eBook price to 99¢. Today, until November 17, 2012, we are offering you The Mighty Weakness of John Knox by Douglas Bond.

In The Mighty Weakness of John Knox, Douglas Bond shows that John Knox, the great Reformer of Scotland, did accomplish herculean tasks, but not because he was strong and resolute in himself. Rather, he was greatly used because he was submissive to God; therefore, God strengthened him. That strength was displayed as Knox endured persecution and exile, faced down the wrath of mighty monarchs, and prayed, preached, and wrote with no fear of man, but only a desire to manifest the glory of God and to please Him.

"Though I love John Knox, I rarely enjoy reading about John Knox. Most biographers leave me feeling like a pathetic worm beside this mighty lion of Scotland. But to my great surprise, this book lifted my spirits and even inspired me. Why? Because Douglas Bond has captured and communicated the secret of John Knox's power—a genuinely felt and openly confessed weakness that depended daily and completely on the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. Mighty weakness—what an encouraging message for all worms who want to be lions."

Dr. David P. Murray
Professor of Old Testamentand practical theology
Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids,

"For those wondering whether the Pauline mystery of strength in weakness can become true for them, Bond's portrait of Knox will prove as edifying as it is instructive."

Dr. T. David Gordon
Professor of religion and Greek
Grove City College, Grove City, Pennsylvania

The Mighty Weakness of John Knox is currently on sale for 99¢ as both an ePub from the Ligonier Store or from Amazon's Kindle Store. Offer expires November 17, 2012.

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