Feb 14, 2012

Metanoia Prison Ministries

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Ligonier has partnered with Metanoia Prison Ministries to help reach inmates with the gospel and sound biblical teaching. We'd like to introduce you to Metanoia and the important work they are doing.

Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body. —Hebrews 13:3

What is Metanoia Prison Ministries?

Metanoia Prison Ministries is the prison ministry branch of Mission to North America, a mission agency of the Presbyterian Church in America. "Metanoia" is the Greek word for repentance, and this ministry emphasizes the importance of turning from a life of sin to a life that is lived for the glory of God. Metanoia's mission is to partner with the church for the evangelism, discipleship, and reintegration of prisoners.

How does Metanoia minister to prisoners?

Metanoia offers prisoners the opportunity to take free non-degree correspondence courses that are tailored specifically to inmates. These courses are taught from a distinctly Reformed perspective and are designed to take each student from the basics of the faith to advanced levels of biblical understanding. Metanoia matches each student with a personal instructor who grades the completed coursework and provides helpful feedback. Because prison can be a lonely place for a Christian inmate, written communication from the instructor gives the inmate much-needed fellowship and spiritual support. Metanoia also connects some students with a mentor who can help the student develop a parole plan and find a local church that can assist with the transition to post-incarceration life.

How does Metanoia support the work of the local church?

Prison ministry is done most effectively when members of the local church are mobilized to care for those who are in prison. Metanoia offers the church a comprehensive approach to getting involved in prison ministry by providing training, support, and guidance throughout the process. Metanoia prepares church members to serve as course instructors, and it connects them with students who are eager to learn. Metanoia also helps congregations prepare to welcome and assist Christian prisoners when they are released.

How do Metanoia and Ligonier Ministries work together in prison ministry?

Ligonier and Metanoia have formed a partnership that enables both ministries to expand their outreach to prisoners in new and exciting ways. Ligonier recommends Metanoia's program of study to prisoners and helps Metanoia to obtain resources, such as The Reformation Study Bible, that can aid students in their coursework. Metanoia incorporates and administers Ligonier coursework in its educational program, allowing students who complete the program to receive a certificate from Ligonier. By working together, the unique strengths of both ministries can be most effectively used to help prisoners embrace faith in Jesus Christ and grow to maturity as His disciples.

An Interview with Mark Casson

In this interview, Mark Casson briefly shares the vision and work of Metanoia Prison Ministries, and how together, we're reaching inmates with the gospel and sound biblical teaching.

The Reformation Study Bible

Ligonier has released a paperback edition of the Reformation Study Bible that complies with prison mail regulations. To order, please call us 800-435-4343.

For more information on Ligonier's partnership with Metanoia and how you can show your support, please email us at prisonoutreach@ligonier.org