Apr 14, 2011

Meeting Jesus at an Old Testament Feast

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"The default sin of the human heart is to put ourselves first. 'It really is all about me!' was once a funny t-shirt slogan; it has now become a way of life. Unless preachers and Bible teachers are careful, the way we handle Scripture can actually feed this beast. We rush to application, consumed by the question, 'How is this relevant to me?'"

But as John Sittema says in his article in this month's issue of Tabletalk, "But the Bible is theocentric, not anthropocentric. It is more concerned to trace God’s ways — His character, purposes, and His cosmic redemptive plan ('For God so loved the cosmos') — than it is to give modern believers character-building resource material ('be courageous like Daniel; lead like Nehemiah; with the faith of Abraham')."

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