Apr 19, 2009

Love Gifts of the Ascended Christ

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Preachers are one of the love gifts of the ascended Christ to His body, the church. We should never let anyone denigrate the sacred calling of a pastor to stand in his pulpit and faithfully exegete the inspired Word of God to the people of God, thereby carrying out his ministry to be the mouthpiece of God.

Pastors must deliver God's Word to His people in such a manner that the majesty and authority of it is preserved. Have you ever noticed that whenever the Scriptures are read in the biblical accounts, all the people stand up out of reverence? Not so with us. We sit! Why is that? Why do we not follow this tradition of standing up out of reverence for God's Word?

Quoted in Feed My Sheep: A Passionate Plea for Preaching. 2nd edition, 2008 by Reformation Trust Publishing, an imprint of Ligonier Ministries. Available here.