May 22, 2014

Living the Gospel in Ordinary Life: An Interview with Aimee Byrd

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Here's an excerpt from Living the Gospel in Ordinary Life, an interview with Aimee Bird from the May issue of Tabletalk:

TT: In your book, you say you want to reclaim the words housewife and theologian. What do you mean by that?

AB: Women are bombarded with so many mixed messages about their purpose and their value in both the home and in the community. Every married woman is a housewife, and every person is a theologian. A housewife isn't a desperate woman who is trapped in the confines of her home. She is a man's partner in marriage. Women who work outside of the home and stay-at-home moms both share in their common vocational responsibility to the culture of their home. And while housewife is a vocation that we can choose, theologian is not. I certainly appreciate professional theologians, but we are all responsible to know God. It isn't just a specialized form of knowledge for a select few. How well do we know God according to His Word? The question isn't whether we are theologians, but whether we are good theologians or poor ones.

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