Apr 20, 2020

Live by God’s Word, Not Your Feelings

4 Min Read

Can you imagine it? Seven billion souls at this very moment face life and death issues. It’s staggering to think about the scale of the world’s response to the coronavirus. The pandemic is compelling so many to consider questions that are fundamentally theological: Is there a purpose to suffering? What will happen when I die? What is God really like if He allows such things to happen? Can He be trusted? Will I have joy again?

Facts and feelings intermingle, clouding our hearts and minds. Yet God’s people know that Dr. Sproul was surely right when he said, “We have to determine our theology from the Word of God, not from what we feel.”

Men and women are legitimately concerned in this time of great upheaval. How heartbreaking to see the vast numbers in many communities who have been adversely impacted with illness and job losses. The suffering and loss of life is tragic, and we mourn for the sick and for their loved ones. But as Christians, we do not mourn as those without hope. Christians find clarity and comfort in this hour—every hour—in God and His Word. We can’t do this unless we know and believe what the Bible, rightly interpreted, teaches.

We hear of the impact our donor’s support is making every day. Last month, Zachery wrote to us about the way he was helped during a difficult season in his life:

“When I was at risk of homelessness during undergraduate school, I received a copy of Tabletalk magazine. During those dark moments of poverty, I felt spoiled rich as I got to drink deeply from God's Word. You significantly helped clarify my understanding of who Jesus is. I thank God for His work through Ligonier.”

Hearing stories like Zachery’s motivates us even more to bring trusted teaching to more people in their hour of need. This mission is urgent. Your support is urgent.

In this season of awakening, many people are more acutely aware of their need to find the right answers to the eternal questions they are asking. To meet this surging need, the Ligonier team has quickly responded by opening up our deep online resource library, giving free streaming access to all of our teaching series, providing downloadable study guides, and offering other online discipleship opportunities such as study groups on Ligonier Connect. Individuals, families, small groups, and churches are being helped worldwide. Half of the world’s population has some level of internet access and can now access tools to keep them growing in Christ and His Word.

Exponential growth is happening. A record number of people around the world are learning and helping one another treasure God’s Word now. In His sovereign timing, it’s as if the Lord has been preparing Ligonier to serve in such a time as this. In His sovereign kindness, He has provided visionary partners in the gospel who prayerfully send support to provide for His people.

Finding a clear and trusted voice on the internet is a challenge. R.C.’s lifetime of timeless teaching, plus the teaching of many other gifted pastors and theologians, is helping us to reach many thousands of new people who are now turning to Ligonier for the first time. Your support is needed more than ever.

We want to continue offering this content for free during this pandemic. The more friends who step up to help fund our mission, the more resources we can make accessible. There’s more error out there than ever leading people astray. Your gift introduces people to the truth of who God is.

And to thank you for supporting Ligonier’s work to help more people know and understand the Bible, we’ll send you a special collection of Bible study resources from R.C. that can’t be found anywhere else—Bible Study Basics. This new collection is yours to keep or share and it features four DVD series and four audio series by Dr. Sproul on studying the Bible faithfully. Featured are his key series Knowing Scripture as well as his teachings on the life of Joseph, Psalm 51, Ecclesiastes, Jonah, the “I Am” sayings of John’s gospel, Jesus’ parables, and Galatians. This is a tremendously helpful resource compiled exclusively for those who respond at this time.

We give thanks to God for our dear gospel partners (Phil. 1:3). You are a vital link in this global outreach.

Please support your local church first. But if you can help us move forward with strength in this turbulent time, it is greatly needed and deeply appreciated.

Following R.C.’s lead, we are a Bible-teaching ministry that never waters down God’s truth but strives to present the life-giving doctrine of Scripture in all its glory. We need your assistance to continue this unique mission without pause.

Your support of Ligonier makes it possible to reach millions of people every month with the truth of God’s Word. Please know how grateful we are. Thank you for your timely gift to help spread trusted Bible teaching. It is an honor to partner with you in this far-reaching outreach.