Sep 25, 2017

A Little Book on the Christian Life: New Styles Now Available

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For centuries, Christians of all ages have turned to John Calvin’s A Little Book on the Christian Life to help them on their journey as they follow Christ. This book is one of the great classics of the Christian faith, calling believers to pursue holiness and endure suffering as they rest in Christ alone. This classic work, newly translated by Burk Parsons and Aaron Denlinger, is now available in two beautiful gift editions and one new cover style. Designed to be shared, these editions are for every Christian to pick up, read, and apply. Bulk discounts are available.

"I have often thought, ‘I would love to retranslate for the twenty-first century the life-shaping material in Calvin’s Institutes book 3, chapters 6–10,’ and I’ve done nothing! But now, Burk Parsons and Aaron Denlinger have done the job for us all. We owe them a big thank you, because every Christian needs to have a working knowledge of this little book."

**—Sinclair Ferguson
**Teaching Fellow
Ligonier Ministries, Sanford, FL.

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Earlier this year, Dr. Parsons joined us to discuss the importance of this John Calvin classic. You can watch the interview by clicking here.