Jul 2, 2011

Links We Liked (7/2/11)

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Here is a round-up of some of the notable blogs and articles our team read this week.

How to Survive In the Age of Distraction - Read a book with your laptop thrumming. It can feel like trying to read in the middle of a party where everyone is shouting. Are you able to survive in this, the age of distraction?

Calvin on Baptism - "No part of our salvation should be transferred to the sign."

Sally “Used to be” a Legalist… - "While true legalism is a real issue, these days, anyone with any sort of convictions may be accused of legalism. How can a 'legalism hunter' actually be a true legalist in disguise and how do they choose who goes on their hit list? Here’s my take..."

John MacArthur: Servant of the Word and Flock - We strongly encourage you to pick up a copy of this important book about one of Dr. Sproul’s closest friends in ministry.

Thoughts on Christian Patriotism - Rick Phillips: "On July 4, our nation celebrates its independence with waving flags, picnics, and parades. Some churches deck their sanctuary with red, white, and blue, and devote the worship service to the honor of the state. Other Christians virtually ignore this or any other national holiday. This raises the question, 'How does Christianity tell us to think about patriotism?'"

Ed Stetzer - "Americans are obsessed with big things. If something is big, it must be better. It has strength. It has legitimacy. Yet, that's an American value, not a biblical one."