Mar 12, 2011

Links We Liked (3/12/11)

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Here is a round-up of some of the notable blogs and articles our team read this week.

John Piper offers a prayer for Japan in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

Filled Full – Everything We Need - Ron Block, band member of Alison Krauss & Union Station, writes a brief meditation on Col. 2:8–10.

The Lesson of David Swing - Sean Lucas: "One cannot help but wonder whether the theological epistemology of David Swing is back in force among younger evangelicals. After all, for a generation which has denigrated "propositional" truths, how else should we understand the privileging of the love of Jesus over his own statements over the reality of judgment and hell? If we've come to the day when Scripture, doctrines, and creeds are simply the expression of our best sentiments, then we've come to a day in which there is no doctrinal center that can hold evangelicals together and a day in which the Gospel might be lost to large segments of this generation."

Uncommon Words for the Workplace - "I was wrong..." It doesn't matter what comes after the start of that sentence, admitting you're wrong is still one of the hardest things to do in life. Not surprisingly, it also figures to be some of the most uncommon words in the workplace.

Getting to Know Owen - Ryan Kelly looks at three ways in which Owen was particularly important for his time and in the church since.

Doing Away with Hell - Al Mohler: "The pressing question of our concern is this: Whatever happened to hell? What has happened so that we now find even some who claim to be evangelicals promoting and teaching concepts such as universalism, inclusivism, postmortem evangelism, conditional immortality, and annihilationism — when those known as evangelicals in former times were known for opposing those very proposals?"

Mithra? Attis? Really, Rob Bell? - In response to Rob Bell, Dr. James White addresses the uniqueness of Christ in the first century.