Feb 5, 2011

Links We Liked (2/4/11)

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Here is a round-up of some of the notable blogs and articles our team read this week.

5 Trends to Watch for in Evangelicalism: 2011-2020 - “There is something to be said for understanding the times in which we live. If we can discern contemporary trends in evangelicalism, we should consider their implications and trajectory for the coming years.”

Top 10 Most-Searched Bible Verses: What’s Missing? - “Knowing the whole Bible and not just the most-searched passages, you realize that the absence is glaring. You won’t learn from this list why God needs to redeem the world he created. You won’t learn why his love is so significant. You won’t find any warning of what’s to come if you don’t believe. In short, you won’t read about our sin and God’s wrath.”

Joel Beeke on Leading Family Worship - Our friends at Desiring God just concluded their annual pastors conference. Dr. Beeke delivered a vital message there for families and churches to rediscover the blessings and benefits of regular family worship. “Why should we do family worship? God may use it to save souls. Do you want solid young men and women to grow up in your church? Then teach your congregation to engage in family worship.”