Feb 19, 2011

Links We Liked (2/19/11)

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Here is a round-up of some of the notable blogs and articles our team read this week.

Our Own Propaganda: Wives Must Not Believe It - Carl Trueman at his finest: "When asked by a student spouse the other week how she [Trueman's wife] kept up with reading all that I read so that she could support me in my work, my wife's response (worthy of Newman himself) was 'Read what he's reading??? Lovey, I don't even bother to read what he's writing!' In fact, she famously claims never to have read anything I have ever written."

Did We Rediscover and Previous Generations Forget the Holy Spirit? - “The assumption which became virtually an article of orthodoxy among evangelicals as well as others, that the Holy Spirit had been discovered almost de novo in the twentieth century, is in danger of the heresy of modernity, and is at least guilty of historical short-sightedness.”

Spurgeon’s Sermon Notes & Other Helpful Resources - We’re thankful for our friends at The Resurgence for pulling together some good excerpts from the Prince of Preachers.

Speaking of C.H. Spurgeon, Phil Johnson has the definitive site here.

Alex Chediak has a new blog dedicated to thoughtful, biblical cultural engagement.

Justification and the Literary Imagination - Leland Ryken: “My venture in this essay provides another angle on the concept of ‘the Bible as literature.’ I have explored what the biblical teaching on justification looks like when it is transmuted into works of imaginative literature—the Bible as literature, that is, as imaginative literature composed by extrabiblical authors.”