Dec 18, 2010

Links We Liked

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Here is a round-up of some of the notable blogs and articles our team read this week.

Reflections on Roger Nicole - Here, Mark Dever shares some of the things he learned from Dr. Nicole when he was his student.

Islam’s Christians - “Living amid an overwhelmingly large majority, the small Christian sects pose no conceivable threat to Islamic hegemony. One can only conclude that they are attacked merely because they exist amid Islamic majorities. The implications of watching a strain of Islam show that it cannot coexist with others extend well beyond the borders of Iraq.”

850 Definitions of Leadership - Plus David Murray adds his own: "A Christian leader serves God and His people by exemplifying godly character and conduct; by communicating God's Word to everyone with wisdom and love; by excelling in vocational responsibilities; by uniting, equipping and inspiring God's people for worship and works of service; and by preparing them for eternal life."

The Fourth Tea Party - How not to read American history. "Perhaps you have wondered why you have grown more concerned about what is happening with the United States. You have seen her values criticized and eroded. Now her economy is worsening, and somehow you know you must get involved. Could it be that you have heard God’s voice, urging you to reclaim America? Could it be that He has called, and you are answering? Our society must be changed at every level, and this includes a drastic reformation of our financial system."

The Nature of Nature - Now THIS looks like it will be a fascinating book. Edited by Bruce Gordon and William Dembski, The Nature of Nature the essays in this 900 page book are the fruits of the conference that got the Polanyi Center at Baylor University shut down.