Feb 23, 2009

Ligonier's Eleven

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(...or 11 reasons I'm looking forward to March 19)

Next month I get to spend three days with 11 of my heroes. It's hard to look over the line-up for Ligonier's upcoming national conference and not pause to give thanks to God for these men. They are valiant-for-truth and imitators of Jesus. As such, they are men worth reading, hearing, and knowing.

Join me in giving thanks to God for these men, their ministries, and their various spheres of influence. The groundswell of interest in Reformed theology no doubt finds its best expression in the ministries of these men.

Join me in praying for continued faithfulness in their personal lives and ministries. Someone has wisely said, "the best of men are but men at best." The Reformed evangelical church needs a faithful succession of preachers, teachers, and writers to lead the next generation. In the context of these 11 men, may we draw fresh encouragement to be faithful in our churches, families, and vocations.

If you'll be in Orlando in a few weeks, I look forward to being there with you...and my heroes.