Jul 21, 2023

Ligonier Connect: Grow with Your Group

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With more than 100 interactive video courses relevant to growing Christians, Ligonier Connect is designed to foster learning and growth in community with members of your church, family, or school group. Use our study group feature to set a schedule for completing a course, track your group’s progress, and address questions along the way.

When you subscribe to Ligonier Connect, you get unlimited access to more than 100 courses on topics including biblical studies, theology, Christian living, worldview and culture, and church history. These featured courses from gifted pastors, theologians, and teachers make Ligonier Connect a helpful tool for any school, church, or family group.

Each course contains study tools to help you and your group apply what you’re learning, including optional quizzes, discussion questions, and visible progress at every step. You can even manage everyone’s subscription in one place with a community subscription, allowing your group to focus on studying God’s Word while you save with a special rate. Begin learning together today with these courses and more:

  • Knowing Scripture with R.C. Sproul

    Every Christian has the privilege and duty to diligently study God’s Word. In this 12-part course, Dr. Sproul equips us with essential tools, guidelines, and principles to help us study the Bible effectively and interpret difficult passages

  • The Attributes of God with Steven Lawson

Who is God? In this 16-part course, Dr. Lawson articulates a biblical understanding of God’s divine attributes, exploring how having a right understanding of God affects every aspect of our lives.

In this 8-part course, Mrs. Kruger defines what biblical contentment is and what it means for the Christian life, helping Christians recognize how the cultivation of contentment is fundamentally rooted in understanding and resting in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

  • The Necessity of Reforming the Church with W. Robert Godfrey

    In the sixteenth century, John Calvin wrote to defend the necessity of bringing the church back under the authority of Scripture. In this 6-part course, Dr. Godfrey gathers insights from Calvin to teach that the work of reforming the church must continue in our own day.

  • Only Two Religions with Peter Jones

In this 12-part course, Dr. Jones identifies the surprisingly religious ideas that drive many people in the modern secular world, equipping Christians for thoughtful cultural engagement and evangelism.