Apr 26, 2012

Ligonier Connect Announces Unlimited Access Plan

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Just over a year ago we began offering online courses from Dr. R.C. Sproul and other trustworthy Reformed teachers through our unique learning portal, Ligonier Connect. Since the launch of Ligonier Connect, we've had over 7,000 course enrollments from students of all ages bringing affordable Christian education to a global classroom. There is a broad range of courses offered from Developing Christian Character to Systematic Theology with new courses being added frequently.

Our passion is to help Christians grow in their knowledge of God and His Word through the instruction of Dr. Sproul and others, effectively bridging the gap between Sunday School and seminary. Now with such high demand, we've decided to make Ligonier Connect even more accessible and flexible. So in addition to lowering single class prices to $45, we now offer a new subscription option. For only $9 per month, you'll gain unlimited access to all online courses in the catalog and be able to create as many groups as you want. There is no minimum commitment and you can cancel at any time.

With the introduction of six new courses, now is a great time to subscribe. A few of our newest courses are highlighted below:

Luther and the Reformation
Luther and the ReformationCenturies after his death, Martin Luther is celebrated as an intellectual giant, a brave opponent of corruption, a shaper of culture and one of the most significant figures in Western history. With an eye to the lessons we can learn today, Dr. Sproul traces the major events of Luther's life and explores the gospel recovered by Luther during the Protestant Reformation.

Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Doctrine of the Holy SpiritAlthough the Holy Spirit is sometimes the forgotten Person of the Trinity, His presence and work is found throughout and essential to redemptive history. In this twelve-message course, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson traces the work of the third person of the Trinity through Scripture—from creation to the work of Christ to His dwelling in our hearts today. Along the way, he sheds light on the vital role the Holy Spirit serves. Dr. Ferguson's goal is to help us know the Holy Spirit as a person, in addition to knowing of His power and work within us.

The Person and Work of Christ
The Person and Work of ChristWhen Jesus approached John the Baptist to be baptized, John initially objected. But Jesus responded by saying that it was necessary "to fulfill all righteousness." (Matt. 3:15) Why was this act—and others like it—so important? Most Christians understand the importance of Christ's atoning sacrifice and the significance of his resurrection, but how many comprehend the significance of the life Jesus led prior to the crowning weeks of the passion? In this teaching series, Dr. Sproul uncovers what it means for Christ to be the "second Adam"—and what this means for believers today.

The Doctrines of Grace
The Doctrines of GraceHow does God love the world? Debates about Reformed theology and the Five Points of Calvinism almost always include the use of John 3:16 as a proof text against the Reformed position. Yet when we consider this famous verse in the context of John's entire Gospel, we see that the love of God that leads to salvation is reserved only for those whom the Father has given unto His Son. In this course, Dr. Lawson demonstrates that the Gospel of John offers one of the clearest presentations of the doctrines of grace in all of Scripture, revealing that salvation is all of God from beginning to end.


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