Jan 16, 2009

"Lifeviews" by R.C. Sproul

1 Min Read

In 1986, long before culture was a Christian buzzword (as it is today), Revell published R.C. Sproul's book Lifeviews. In the book Dr. Sproul catalogs the major philosophies that compete with Christianity in our culture. He traces the origins of lifeviews such as secularism, existentialism, pragmatism, and hedonism. He then helps you understand the fallacies and hopelessness of each.

Lifeviews also contrasts how Christianity and its competitors influence various aspects of our culture: economics, science, art, literature, and government. This book can help believers make a credible and effective stand for Christ in our culture.

In the coming days and weeks we are going to feature several excerpts from the book. We'll look at the importance of cultural awareness; the rise, prevalence and dangers of secularism and existentialism; the draw of pluralism and relativism; the spread of hedonism; issues related to the Christian and science; and finally, issues related to the Christian and art.

Join us as we seek to understand how Christians are to relate to culture and to make a Christian impact on our society.