Apr 19, 2018

The Life of Samson, A New Teaching Series from W. Robert Godfrey

2 Min Read

Who was Samson? A man of incredible physical strength and debilitating moral weakness, Samson was nevertheless God’s instrument to rescue Israel from the Philistines during the era of the judges. In light of these contrasts, what are we to make of Samson and his place in the Lord’s purposes?

In this new 10-part video teaching series, The Life of Samson, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey explores the vital lessons on theology and Christian living we can learn from this judge. This teaching series is available now for purchase as a DVD, CD, digital download, or as a Ligonier Connect Course. A thorough study guide is also available.

Ten, 23-Minute Messages:

  • The Riddle of Samson
  • The Need for Judges
  • The Need for Samson
  • The Promise of Samson
  • The Selfishness of Samson
  • The Calling of Samson
  • The Foolishness of Samson
  • The Humiliation of Samson
  • The Victory of Samson
  • The Christian Context for Samson

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Purchase on CD ($27.90)
Purchase the comprehensive study guide ($12.00)

Dr. W. Robert Godfrey is chairman of Ligonier Ministries, a Ligonier Ministries teaching fellow, and president emeritus and professor emeritus of church history at Westminster Seminary California. He is the featured teacher for the Ligonier six-part teaching series A Survey of Church History and author of several books, including An Unexpected Journey and Learning to Love the Psalms.