Mar 5, 2015

The Life and Theology of Paul: A New Teaching Series from Guy Waters

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From Enemy to Apostle

Before being beaten and imprisoned, planting multiple churches, and authoring much of the New Testament, Paul had no equal as a Pharisee in his dedication to the law and his persecution of the early church—but God called Paul to be an Apostle. Join Dr. Guy Waters in this new 12-part teaching series as he identifies key moments in Paul's life and considers the essence of Paul's God-centered theology. Paul's inspired writings and the story of his life continue to be a precious gift to the church, used by God to encourage and equip His people in every generation.

Twelve, 23-Minute Messages:

  1. Paul's Life
  2. Paul's Conversion and Calling
  3. The Two Ages
  4. Sin, Part 1
  5. Sin, Part 2
  6. Justification, Part 1
  7. Justification, Part 2
  8. Sanctification, Part 1
  9. Sanctification, Part 2
  10. Sanctification, Part 3
  11. The Church and the Christian Life
  12. The Future

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Dr. Guy Waters is James M. Baird Jr. Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. He is author of What is the Bible? and How Jesus Runs the Church.