May 13, 2020

Leaning Forward to Serve in This Crisis

3 Min Read

You and I have seen how this COVID-19 pandemic has swiftly brought the fragility and brevity of life into focus for seven billion souls on this planet. We mourn with everyone who has experienced loss, and we marvel at the courage of those in the medical community. Families, communities, and nations have had their worlds upended and church services have been interrupted. May the Lord have mercy and sustain His people.

Keeping track of the medical and economic news can feel like standing on shifting sand. Yet Christians stand on the unchanging, authoritative Word of God. I believe that in a moment like this, Dr. Sproul would tell us that we must go back to first principles. God is holy, and we’re not. We must remember that Jesus Christ is building His church as we proclaim the gospel and the whole counsel of God. We must teach it with unflinching confidence and courage—never obscuring the only hope for a lost and dying world.

Knowing this, Ligonier Ministries is leaning forward to serve in this crisis. Through the generosity of our Ministry Partners and financial supporters, we’ve been able to help Christians who are weary, anxious, and fearful, calling them to renewed strength and dependence on the Lord. We have also been answering the questions of unbelievers and pointing them to the one and only Savior.

We may not know all that the Lord is doing in and through this global crisis, yet we do recognize that this moment affords significant opportunities for the gospel to advance in communities around the world. Many of our visionary donors have expressed their encouragement for Ligonier to speed into this storm with urgently needed help—uncharted waters, to be sure. Thank you for your faithful support.

We know the Lord answers prayer, and many of us have been praying for a gospel awakening. Could it be that we’re witnessing an answer? Few of us have in our lifetime seen such openness to matters of eternal consequence. The fields are white for harvest, and the Lord of the harvest is on the move (John 4:35).

“Right now counts forever,” Dr. Sproul said. We see that now more than at any time in Ligonier’s history. This is no time to pause outreach. It is God’s gospel, and it is never quarantined. Serving as many people as possible in this time of isolation has been at the forefront of our thinking.

As a result, the team at Ligonier has adapted our outreach and responded with agility. To serve growing Christians around the world and bring the reinforcements of God’s Word to parched souls, for the first time ever we’ve made our ministry’s deep library of teaching series available to stream for free. Tens of thousands of people are being helped every day with these discipleship resources. In fact, access to our teaching series online has more than doubled—and it is increasing steeply.

However, “free” comes with significant cost to the ministry.

We entrust our financial needs to the Lord and make them known plainly to you. For nearly fifty years, Ligonier has been able to serve countless people through the generosity of friends like you who see the pressing need for our work not only to continue, but also to grow and expand.

We are all feeling the effects of this global health and economic crisis. Some will feel it more than others. If you are able, will you step forward with a generous gift that helps to carry Ligonier Ministries through this period of unprecedented demand for our outreach? Your donation will immediately go to helping God’s people around the world.

Please support your local church first. But if you can help us move forward with strength in this season of awakening, it is greatly needed and deeply appreciated.

In ways that we are just beginning to understand, it seems the Lord has prepared Ligonier for this challenging moment to help God’s people. R.C. fixed our purpose as a ministry to awaken as many people as possible to the holiness of God by proclaiming, teaching, and defending God’s holiness in all its fullness. We have been doing that since 1971, and it is a kindness from the Lord that He allows us to do that now in these turbulent times.

All of us at Ligonier Ministries are praying for people everywhere during this trial. Remember that, for a Christian, nothing—including a novel coronavirus—“will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom. 8:39).

Thank you for giving your prayerful consideration to this request for financial support.