Jan 19, 2009

Join us as we learn about God's holiness

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Ligonier Ministries' expanded 22nd national conference is just two months away. We are excited for this opportunity to hear such a respected group of pastors and scholars teach about John Calvin and help us come to a fuller understanding of God's holiness and how it affects everything we do.

We've collected several video clips and book excerpts that relate to the conference topics. Please feel free to share them with others and spread the word on this exciting conference.

Video Clip 1 of 5 from The Holiness of God - "Holy, holy, holy"
Video Clip 2 of 5 from The Holiness of God - "Isaiah's response"
Video Clip 3 of 5 from The Holiness of God - "Isaiah's oracle of doom"
Video Clip 4 of 5 from The Holiness of God - "Isaiah's unclean lips"
Video Clip 5 of 5 from The Holiness of God - "Our call to holiness"

Read articles celebrating 500 Years of John Calvin:
Burk Parsons on "The Humility of Calvin's Calvinism"
Derek Thomas on "Who was John Calvin?"
Steven Lawson on "Calvin's Life and Legacy"
Steven Lawson on "Preparing the Preacher"
R.C. Sproul on "Who God Is"

Early bird registration rates are good until this coming Friday, January 23rd. Registration is just $129. Discount rates are also available for pastors and their spouses, professional teachers, full-time students, missionaries, and children 13-18 years old for $99. Meal plans may be purchased for an additional $39 per person. See the website for more details (also available in Spanish).