Jul 27, 2019

Jesus: The God-Man

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In this brief clip from his teaching series A Survey of Church History, W. Robert Godfrey examines the importance of recognizing who Jesus is in relation to God and in relation to man. Watch this entire message for free today.


So, the church has come now to this recognition of who Jesus really is in relation to God and in relation to man, and it’s crucial because it establishes that He is divine, and understands us fully, and is human, and He can be our Savior fully. Because it’s in His death on the cross, it’s in His body and blood that our redemption is made. It’s in His human nature in the first place that our redemption is accomplished for us. And so this is so important, and it is ultimately a triumph of Biblical religion. Again, if you look at the Bible, the Bible may not tell us in technical terms exactly how we understand the relationship of the humanity and the divinity to Jesus, but when you look in the Bible, nothing can be clearer than that Jesus is divine, according to Biblical teaching, and that Jesus is human according to Biblical teaching. Jesus wept, Jesus was hungry, Jesus slept, Jesus died; He was a human, and that is so important to understanding who He was.