Apr 30, 2013

It's Time to Renew Our Minds

1 Min Read

Originally produced for our 2012 National Conference, this video serves as an ongoing reminder for our ministry to continue to encourage Christians that it is time to take back lost ground—it's time to renew our minds.


From the college professor, to the politician, to the man on the street, believing the Bible is increasingly considered a leap of faith for the weak minded and uneducated. Trusting in Jesus Christ as the only way to God is labeled ignorant and arrogant. Facing this tidal wave of criticism, many Christians feel overwhelmed. Can so many brilliant people be wrong?

So, we've largely abandoned our posts. We've conceded the battle for the mind and retreated to a Christian ghetto where we don't have to provide answers—where we can content ourselves with sentimentalism. We've stopped striving for intellectual clarity; instead, we embrace contradiction as a hallmark of faith. We believe the lie that rigorous thought and devoted faith cannot coexist.

Yet this was not always the case. There was a time when Christians were the intellectual leaders of the day. They too faced a rising tide of godless thought, but they confidently responded with better God-honoring thought. They recognized the power and validity of God's truth in the Christian mind. It's time for us to recapture that vision. It's time to respond; to take back lost ground. It's time to renew our minds.