Mar 17, 2011

It Takes a Church to Raise a Child

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You've got to love the title of this one: "It Takes a Church to Raise a Child." Rev. Mark Bates is senior pastor of Village Seven Presbyterian Church and is a Bible teacher at Evangelical Christian Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. And in the March issue of Tabletalk he writes about parenting saying, "Parenting is not for the faint of heart. It is also not something parents should attempt to do alone. Thankfully, those in the church don’t have to. They are part of an extended family — the family of God — that can play a vital role in the raising of children."

Having given the biblical background to the church community's involvement in raising a child he asks "How can church members assist parents in raising children to know and love the Lord?" He goes on to offer several practical ways that church members can play an active role in the lives of children and parents. To find out what they are, go ahead and read It Takes a Church to Raise a Child.