Feb 15, 2024

How to Use Ligonier Resources in a Bible Study

4 Min Read

A defining feature of new life in Christ is a longing for God’s Word. We read in 1 Peter 2:2, “Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation.” God has graciously revealed Himself to humankind through His written Word, and it is through this written Word that we come to know the living Word—the Lord Jesus Christ.

While Christian books and Bible studies abound, not all resources are created equal. Therefore, Ligonier strives to produce theologically trustworthy resources within the Reformed tradition to edify God’s people, that they may extol His holiness and live with eternity in mind.

Toward that end, Ligonier’s resources can be used in a Bible study context in a variety of ways:

  1. Books for Bible Studies

Ligonier has published hundreds of books covering a number of biblical and theological topics. Whether your group wants to study a particular book of the Bible or a topic related to Christian living, our vast library can help instruct and encourage you as your group presses on together toward spiritual maturity.

Recommended Books:

  1. Teaching Series for Bible Studies

For those interested in a video-based study, Ligonier’s teaching series provide an excellent opportunity for Bible study groups to gather around God’s Word together. Each series, available in online streaming and DVD formats, consists of brief messages delivered by a gifted teacher. Many series have an accompanying study guide with questions for personal reflection and group discussion. With hundreds of teaching series to choose from, you can work through different series based on your group’s needs and desires.

Recommended Teaching Series:

  1. Ligonier Connect for Bible Studies

Ligonier Connect is an online learning platform featuring many of our teaching series with additional elements to take your study further. Each course on Ligonier Connect includes the teaching series messages as well as an embedded study guide and interactive questions within the Connect platform. Additionally, you can create an online group on Connect, which enables you to send messages and have virtual discussions within the platform regarding what you’re learning.

Recommended Ligonier Connect Courses:

Ligonier Connect and Digital Flexibility

Traditional Bible studies typically only deliver and discuss content during the Bible study meeting itself. This puts a high priority on the in-person meeting. With the advent of the internet and the Ligonier Connect learning platform for Christian discipleship, content delivery and discussion can still occur during your Bible study meeting itself, but additional options are available for study outside of the meeting. This provides a group with more options for the Bible study format. Consider these two possibilities:

  1. The Discussion-Focused Meeting: If a Bible study group wants to focus on discussion in the in-person meeting, each member can view the weekly lesson on their own in Ligonier Connect via computer, smartphone, or tablet. Because the teaching content is being viewed outside of the actual meeting time, the Bible study meeting time can be devoted fully to group discussion (based on the study guide) and application.

  2. The Discussion-Focused Week: Another way to encourage growth in a Bible study group through Ligonier Connect is to encourage discussion all week long, regardless of when participants view the content. Because Ligonier Connect includes study groups and discussion boards, your group can continue to interact all week regarding the topic being studied rather than just during the scheduled meetings.

The benefit of using a digital discipleship tool like Ligonier Connect is the flexibility it gives churches to decide how to best conduct Bible studies. Whether your group uses books, teaching series, or Ligonier Connect—or rotates among all three formats—what remains constant is Ligonier’s commitment to providing God’s people with trustworthy teaching for discipleship and spiritual growth to the glory of God.