Mar 20, 2024

Watch Again: How to Find a Good Church

1 Min Read

It is vital for every Christian to be part of a healthy church. But how do we go about finding one? And when is it appropriate to look for a new church?

Recently, Ligonier Teaching Fellows Drs. W. Robert Godfrey and Burk Parsons joined our president, Chris Larson, for a discussion. Watch their dialogue on how Christians can exercise discernment when looking for a faithful church.

Watch this conversation again below, as well as on Facebook, X, and YouTube.

For Further Study

Knowing the biblical teachings of the historic Christian faith is essential to finding a church that is aligned with the truth. Collecting creeds, confessions, and catechisms from the early church to the post-Reformation era, We Believe is a book to help you glean biblical wisdom from the past and guard it for future generations. Order your copy today.