Mar 9, 2019

The Holy God, an Unholy People, and a Remarkable Prophet

1 Min Read

Isaiah’s call to be a prophet was a traumatic experience. In his vision of the divine throne room, he saw angels hide their faces and heard them cry out, “Holy, holy, holy!” In that moment, he understood that God is holy and he was not, and he trembled in awe and terror.

The Israelites should have been trembling, too. They had become prideful, selfish, and idolatrous, a far cry from the righteousness the holy God demands. So God sent Isaiah on a dreadful mission: Isaiah would prophesy God’s wrath, but the people would not listen. Instead, they would be hardened for the coming judgment.

Yet there remained a glimmer of hope in Isaiah’s prophecies, for he saw far beyond the imminent war and exile to the future promise of redemption.

In today’s message from his video teaching series Dust to Glory, R.C. Sproul takes an in-depth look at these prophecies and explains why the church has long treasured them. In Isaiah, we find staggering predictions about the Messiah who will bear the sins of His people and redeem them—filling the earth with God’s glory much like His throne room in heaven.

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