Jan 1, 2020

His Transcendent Awesome Glory

1 Min Read

In this brief clip from his teaching series The Attributes of God, Steven Lawson explains that God's holiness is His transcendent awesome glory.


If God were to appear in this room in His holiness, we would all just go unconscious. We wouldn't be able to bear it up. That is why when we go to heaven we have to have a glorified body with glorified eyes to even be able to look upon this holy, awesome, glorified God in heaven—or we burn up like a cinder in His very presence. This is the primary meaning of the holiness of God.

The church has always been strongest when it's had its highest regard for the holiness of God. And those times and epics when it has been weakest have been those times when the church has lost a sense of the vertical holiness of God and want to bring God down to our level, and everything is a horizontal type relationship with God. That is when the church has been the weakest if not even unregenerate. The primary meaning is His transcendent awesome glory.