Sep 12, 2012

Help Us Reach the World through Digital Media

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Historically, reformation occurs when God's truth spreads widely. Protestantism arose, in part, because the invention of the printing press made it easier to spread the gospel across Europe.

I often consider such things when I visit Ligonier Ministries' Facebook Page on my phone. Never before has it been so easy to distribute sound Christian teaching to such a wide audience, including those who couldn't otherwise access it.Your For a Gift of Any Amount

As Ligonier has always done with new technologies, we seek to redeem digital media for the kingdom. But just as Luther needed assistance from Christ's body to see the printing press' effect, we need the help of God's people to make the most of today's opportunity.

Billions online are asking eternal questions, including pastors with no formal training who need teaching help.

By God's grace, our donor-supported, internet-enabled outreach includes:

The number of visitors to has doubled in the last two years, and as more people find answers through our website, the costs to keep it available increase. Thus, we need the help of friends who long to see God glorified through the spread of His truth. Your gift of any amount helps us send biblical truth to people across the globe.

Billions online are asking eternal questions... —R.C. Sproul

To thank you for your gift, we’ll send you an exclusive USB thumb drive loaded with 1 GB of our most popular teaching content from that can be viewed on any computer with a USB port. You can also use it to store your personal files.

Our forward-thinking use of communication tools enables us to reach as many people as possible. Can you help us use digital media for God's glory? Thank you.

This resource offer expires October 31st, 2012.