Jun 7, 2010

Help Support Our Military Chaplain Outreach

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Dear Ministry Friend:

Since September 11, 2001 our country has been involved in the War on Terrorism. Currently, nearly 1.5 million brave men and women serve our country both at home and abroad, through active duty in our nation's Armed Services. More than 200,000 are currently deployed overseas. While these men and women fight to maintain our country's freedom, many are also simultaneously fighting difficult spiritual battles of their own.

The Need For Trustworthy Teaching Resources in Our Military

Wartime often puts people in a place where they are more receptive to the Gospel message and are desperately seeking emotional and spiritual guidance. Fortunately there are military chaplains available to encourage soldiers and assist them in their spiritual journeys. However, most chaplains have very little funding or teaching resources to aid them in their vital ministry to our nation's troops.

In an effort to support our Chaplains and troops, Ligonier Ministries is providing semi-annually to military chaplains a "Basic Training" package of selected teaching materials. It is our desire that these materials will be used in chaplain libraries, small groups, Bible studies, and for individual study.

There has been an extremely positive response to this outreach with more than 100 chaplains currently enrolled in the program. This is an exciting partnership, as chaplains use these resources to minister to thousands of troops stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Sinai Peninsula, Korea, Germany, the United States, and many other locations throughout the world.

How You Can Help

The annual cost for this program is $20,000. This provides a variety of materials, including Bible studies on DVD, Tabletalk magazine, books and Bibles, for more than 100 chaplains. This cost also includes the necessary shipping and handling costs associated with the shipment of resources throughout the world. We need your support to fund this crucial ministry outreach.

Each gift of $30 will provide a wealth of resources for one chaplain, who in turn will use it to minister to hundreds if not thousands of troops worldwide. Please consider supporting this worthy cause as we seek to strengthen the spiritual armor of our nation's troops.


"Just wanted to let you know that I received my latest box of support materials from Ligonier and have already begun putting them to use. I can't thank Ligonier enough for this tremendous gesture on your part in providing these resources to use."
— Chaplain (LTC) Pete Sniffin

"I appreciate immensely your recent sending -a wealth of resources! It was a joy within the past week to see a couple marry- who while getting acquainted and engaged joined our group weekly for a series of R.C. Sproul studies. I attribute a good chunk of their spiritual growth during that period to the great resources that you have sent. Buckets of thanks!!!"
— Chaplain (LTC) Doug Peterson

In Christ,
R.C. Sproul


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