Oct 19, 2021

Help Send 100,000 Study Bibles to Christians in Africa

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In 2017, Dr. R.C. Sproul launched the final outreach initiative of his ministry: Study Bibles for Africa. The goal of this campaign was to bring relief to the theological famine sweeping Africa by supplying 36,000 free copies of the Reformation Study Bible by 2028. Thanks to your generosity, strategic partnerships, and the Lord’s blessing, we are well ahead of pace to reach that goal. So today, we are announcing the expansion of this outreach. With your support, we seek to distribute 100,000 Reformation Study Bibles to pastors and church leaders in throughout Africa by the original deadline.

As we seek to foster encounters with the holiness of God around the world, we are watching the church’s expansive growth in the Global South. Soon, Africa will become the center of the Christian world. The question is, what kind of Christianity will it be?

For pastors in regions across Africa, sound discipleship materials are scarce. Many have little to no access to theological training. When ministers are underequipped, Christians are left underfed and poorly protected against the false teaching that ravages the continent, such as the prosperity “gospel.” A theological library in one volume, the Reformation Study Bible provides these pastors with the trustworthy commentary and theological notes they need but often cannot afford. Through your generosity, you can help place this unparalleled resource in the hands of those who need it most: those who will use it to teach and disciple others.

In partnership with the Rosemary Jensen Bible Foundation, Ligonier will have distributed 30,000 Reformation Study Bibles by the end of this month. When I recently met with Mrs. Jensen to discuss the success of this outreach, we thought back on something R.C. often said: While people often overestimate what they are able to accomplish in a year, they often underestimate what they can achieve in five years. We’ve seen this truth in action as the Lord has enabled Ligonier to develop capabilities to distribute study Bibles more efficiently than anticipated, fueled by the generosity of supporters who believe in this vital work.

Seeing how the Lord has blessed this outreach, we cannot let such ministry momentum go to waste. Now is the time to set an ambitious new goal, pressing on to serve even more Christians who lack the discipleship resources you and I enjoy. Will you help raise the $1.5 million needed to distribute 100,000 free study Bibles to African pastors, teachers, and students by the original timeline of 2028? This outreach goal is bold, but it can be reached—as long as we have friends like you standing with us to help equip the African church with the truths of Scripture and Reformed theology.

Imagine how the Lord may use 100,000 Reformation Study Bibles as well-prepared pastors and teachers deliver the truths they’re learning to the congregations they serve. We are praying and striving in obedience to our Lord’s Great Commission so that the church may not be storm-tossed by doctrinal winds but steadfastly committed to the truth once for all delivered to the saints. By God’s grace, the Reformation Study Bible plays a pivotal role in this mission, and your support today helps fight the famine for God’s Word.

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel.