Dec 21, 2023

Help Reach More People with God’s Word in 2024

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Your continuing support of Ligonier Ministries is needed to bring trusted Bible teaching to more people in the world’s top twenty languages.

We wrote to you recently about opportunities to increase worldwide outreach through the translation of major resources such as the Reformation Study Bible and the development of new teaching formats to serve the next generation. As the Lord provides opportunities for greater service to the global church, Ligonier is at a pivotal point in reaching the nations with the truth of Christ. Yet we know this expansion cannot take place apart from the prayers and financial support of dear ministry friends.

With God’s help, Ligonier must raise a significant sum by the end of the year to keep these translations on track, to continue current ministry, and to increase our service to the church in the months to come. As Ligonier’s chairman, I’m pleased to tell you that many of God’s people have responded, and we are getting closer to meeting our shared goal. Thank you for your donation if you have already given. If not, I am asking you to consider donating any amount to help reach the total needed. Every gift helps, whether large or small.

Dr. R.C. Sproul knew that the Lord brings seasons of renewal and revival through the faithful proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Relying on the sovereign grace of God, he encouraged us to pursue a worldwide renewal of the historic Christian faith. Your year-end gift can help set Ligonier on firm footing to reach millions more in 2024.

Every online gift that we receive by December 31 will help provide reliable Bible teaching to equip more people around the world. I have seen firsthand how the Lord is using Ligonier to build up the global church, and you can be a part of this truth-spreading ministry through your prayers and generosity at year’s end. Thank you.