Jun 7, 2023

Help Reach More People This Summer with Trusted Teaching

4 Min Read

You probably look forward to the summer, as I do. My children are out of school and hectic life rhythms shift, allowing a little more time with family and friends, for reading and travel, and for other pursuits.

Our ministry staff at Ligonier looks forward to the summer months for these reasons too, but also for another reason. I have been serving at Ligonier for nearly twenty years now, and there has been no pause in the expansion of this ministry’s reach. Dr. R.C. Sproul pointed out the desperate spiritual need that exists in the “neo-barbarian” age in which we are living. We’ve seen the Lord take this ministry’s trusted biblical teaching and reach millions, and we anticipate that same pattern of growth this summer.

To sustain this outreach growth, God has graciously rallied the generosity of His people again and again to meet Ligonier’s budgetary needs every June, July, and August. Many nonprofit organizations such as ours experience a slowdown in giving during these pivotal months. But the support we have received in the past, and the support we prayerfully request now, means that Ligonier’s outreach need not pause.

In the past, when we have made Ligonier’s outreach goals and ministry costs plainly known, God’s people have stepped up not only to bridge the gap but also to extend the ministry’s service even further. Prayerfully, our board and leadership team are hopeful that we will see the same provision this summer to meet our summer outreach need.

Let’s press forward. Yes, the inflationary economic conditions that many are feeling also touch ministries like ours. It costs more to maintain outreach at the same level. Yet R.C.’s vision for Ligonier’s service to the global church was not one of “maintenance.” Our mission is to proclaim, teach, and defend the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Our vision is to propagate the Reformed faith to the church throughout the world. Will you help now? In a time when many may feel the financial pinch, your stepping forward can take the place of those who are unable to help at this time.

The generosity of Ligonier’s supporters has already been used by the Lord to accelerate the outreach of Ligonier so far in 2023. I wanted to encourage you with a small glimpse of the ministry that you are fueling:

  • Year over year, the listening audience for Renewing Your Mind and our other podcasts has increased by more than 21 percent.
  • In January, we launched the must-listen daily devotional podcast Things Unseen, featuring Dr. Sinclair Ferguson, and work is underway to create a printed devotional based on this material.
  • In March, we hosted one of our largest national conferences, with more than 5,500 attendees in Orlando and tens of thousands of additional people viewing the conference livestream.
  • We hosted a conference in California’s Central Valley and served teenagers at several Always Ready youth apologetics events, with more to come.
  • Preparations are well underway for upcoming conferences in Ontario and London.
  • We’ve launched new dedicated-language websites in Indonesian and the South Asian language of Urdu.
  • Conexión Ligonier, the Spanish edition of our Ligonier Connect online learning and discipleship platform, is now available for students around the world.
  • We are preparing to release the first round of upgrades for our free Ligonier app to provide users with the ability to search our deep library of teaching and enjoy an even better learning experience.
  • Reformation Bible College is flourishing, expecting a large incoming freshman class.

These developments encourage us not because they represent our success but because they mean more and more souls are receiving the truth of God’s Word through our co-laboring with you in ministry.

We thank God for how He is using you and other partners in the gospel to send His life-transforming truth to the ends of the earth and to renew the minds of His people through this teaching fellowship. Please pray for this vital work. And will you support Ligonier financially as the Lord leads you so that we do not have to reduce outreach even one bit?

God’s people need God’s Word. Your generous support can add momentum to our pace as we strive together to take the truth to the nations. Thank you. Let’s move forward trusting the Lord to accomplish great things, knowing that He can do far more than we can even ask or think (Eph. 3:20).