Dec 11, 2023

Help Make Disciples in Hard-to-Reach Places

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Jesus Christ commands His followers to go into all the world to make disciples. And chaplains can go where most others cannot: into military bases and correctional facilities.

Ligonier Ministries partners with military and prison chaplains as part of our mission to help as many people as possible grow in their knowledge of our holy God. We want to see soldiers well-equipped for their spiritual battles and inmates set free in Christ. Yet the need before us is staggering. Your year-end support today will help bring the truth of God to more people in 2024 as you equip chaplains and enable all of Ligonier’s gospel outreach to expand.

Today, about 600 military chaplains partner with Ligonier. Most of these chaplains are ministering to thousands of servicemen and women at a time. When we include spouses and children, this partnership represents a mission field of more than 1,000,000 people, requiring a steady supply line of Bibles, books, and other materials to help these families flourish in faith.

Additionally, over 10 million people are incarcerated around the world, yet few have access to faithful Christian study materials. Ligonier receives more than 800 letters each month from inmates with requests for discipleship resources. This is one of our fastest-growing outreaches. But we cannot serve the growing demand without your help.

Your generous support is needed at year’s end to strengthen partnerships, ensure that chaplains are bolstered for ministry, and ensure none of Ligonier’s gospel outreach slows. These are the kinds of outreaches you help expand when you give a financial gift to Ligonier. Thank you for bringing relief to people around the world who are hungry for God’s Word.