Apr 21, 2020

A Heavenly Vision

1 Min Read

Here’s an excerpt from A Heavenly Vision, Stafford Carson's contribution to the April issue of Tabletalk:

The Bible verse on my father’s headstone reads, “As for me, I shall behold your face in righteousness; when I awake, I shall be satisfied with your likeness” (Ps. 17:15). It was the psalmist’s hope that one day he would see the face of God and be satisfied. That longing or desire to see or to seek God’s face is a great theme that runs through the Bible, and it has particular prominence in the Psalms (see 11:7; 17:15; 27:4; 34:8, 12; 36:9; 123:2). It leads the psalmist to ask a crucial question: “When shall I come and behold the face of God?” (42:2, NRSV). That question presupposes that God is visible and that His face can be seen.

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