Aug 16, 2011

He Loves Me, He Really Loves Me

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"I have had the privilege of attending a series of Ligonier Ministries National Conferences, and along the way I have noticed a little phenomenon or tradition that takes place at the beginning of these events. For many of the people who attend, these conferences mark an annual opportunity to connect with friends. Many people have attended the conference year after year, and along the way they have met new friends or have reconnected with old friends. The conference offers a once-per-year opportunity to spend a little time together and to catch up on the year that has gone by."

This is how Tim Challies begins his contribution to this month's issue of Tabletalk. He goes on to talk about watching people who have not seen one another since the conference the year before, catching up. "So often, when I see people meet after the passing of yet another year, I see them embracing and then immediately digging out their phones or their iPods to show off the pictures of their children or grandchildren. And it is interesting to hear them talk, to hear them share proudly about the children they’ve already begun to miss even after only one or two days apart."

Keep reading "He Loves Me, He Really Loves Me" to be encouraged the lesson he learns from this.