Sep 14, 2010

Growing Our International Outreach: Translating Materials is Essential

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Ligonier Study CenterExciting things are happening with the international outreach of Ligonier Ministries. We are humbled, considering that what began in 1971 as the Ligonier Valley Study Center in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, has grown into an international Christian education organization with the purpose to equip Christians all over the world to articulate what they believe and why they believe it. This purpose is evident in the daily ministries of Renewing Your Mind radio, the principal outreach of Ligonier, heard in over 60 countries around the world, including the country of Iran in the Farsi language; in Tabletalk magazine, read by over 220,000 worldwide; in Reformation Trust Publishing, with 33 titles to date distributed in the United States, England, Australia, Africa, and New Zealand, and several that are translated into the Dutch, Korean, Italian, German, and Indonesian languages; and in the redesigned Ligonier website launched late last year.

Ligonier Study CenterThe Internet continues to be an integral tool in the strategy to reach across borders with the resources entrusted to Ligonier. A significant amount of work and prayer was devoted to the development of the new Ligonier website in order to create a platform that would grow as the ministry grows and serve as a library of learning resources online. We also wanted to create easier ways to access these resources and to add a significant amount of content that was not previously available online – much of it free.

The development team continues to work toward posting the transcripts of more than 140 of Dr. Sproul’s teaching series to the site. It is also endeavoring to make the Dust to Glory and Foundations teaching series transcripts available in German, as well as providing Spanish-speaking Christians the opportunity to hear Dr. Sproul’s teaching series on the website for free. And the teaching series Dust to Glory, Foundations, Willing to Believe, and The Assurance of Salvation will appear on the site with Arabic subtitles. We are greatly encouraged to hear each week from people on nearly every continent who are learning via the internet. Every year people from as far away as Colombia and Ukraine attend Ligonier conferences, so providing streaming and simultaneous translation has become necessary to clearly communicate the truths of God’s Word.

We could do much more of this outreach with a pool of volunteers who want to see the ministry grow. If you have abilities in translating, editing, or voiceover work, please contact our volunteer coordinator at 800-435-4343 or by email at Pray for Ligonier as we seek to continue the important work of international outreach by translating and publishing more books and teaching resources into other languages. This goal relies heavily on having the language talents to translate the work, others to proof it, and finally the means to deliver it. There is much work to do. Thank you for your encouragement through prayer and financial support.

“Bless you and thank you so much for the radio and television teaching each day which is offered to me on the internet. The Renewing Your Mind programs have been a wonderful help to me in my spiritual growth.” - Nancy, Croatia

“I have been going through the studies at your website, and I am deeply inspired with all of its teachings and studies. There are such wonderful studies that you have arranged for all of the nations of the world.” - Nasha, Pakistan