Nov 25, 2011

Great Quotes from The Mystery of the Holy Spirit

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I recently had the opportunity to read through almost all of the books of R.C. Sproul. Along the way I built a collection of some of the best quotes from each one of them. Here are several of the best from The Mystery of the Holy Spirit.

The idea of one person with two distinct natures or essences is foreign to our experience. But there is no law of logic that requires that a single person cannot have two natures.

When we speak of the being of God or the essence of God, we are talking about what God is. We believe that God is His attributes. He is a simple, unified being in the sense that there are no component parts that, when added together, make up His being. God is not made up of two or more parts. He is essentially one. That is why the church insists on the tri-unity of God. The plurality of persons in the Godhead does not negate the essential unity of God.

The flesh is not merely weak with respect to the power of rebirth. It is utterly impotent. It has no power whatever to effect rebirth. It cannot aid or enhance the Spirit’s work. All that the flesh yields is more flesh. It cannot yield an ounce of Spirit. The nothing is not a little something.

In salvation we are not only saved from sin and damnation; we are saved unto holiness. The goal of redemption is holiness.

The Holy Spirit may be distinguished from the Word, but to separate the Word and the Spirit is spiritually fatal. The Holy Spirit teaches, leads, and speaks to us through the Word and with the Word, not apart from or against the Word. How grievous it is to the Holy Spirit when unbridled spirits mock God by claiming the leading of the Spirit when they are acting against the Word of God.

It is the evidence of the fruit of the Spirit that is the mark of our progress in sanctification. Of course, God is pleased when we dutifully exercise the gifts the Holy Spirit has bestowed upon us. But I think God is even more pleased when He sees His people manifest the fruit of the Spirit.