Oct 12, 2011

Great Quotes from Discovering the God Who Is

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I recently had the opportunity to read through almost all of the books of R.C. Sproul. Along the way I built a collection of some of the best quotes from each one of them. Here are several of the best from Discovering the God Who Is.

With conversion comes a new capacity for understanding and appreciating the true nature and character of God. We are now open and receptive to an unprecedented degree of acknowledging, loving, and adoring the God who is.

Learning of the character of God is an experience that cannot be exhausted in a single lifetime in this world. Even with the new eyes of faith we grope at times as blind men and squint with myopic eyes through a glass darkly. The more we interact with God’s unveiling of Himself in sacred Scriptures, the more light we are able to apprehend.

I know that life changes. We decay. We hurt. We die. Nothing in this life is for sure. That’s why you and I need a God who is bigger than life, certainly One who is bigger than death. We need a God who cannot be slain, a God who cannot die. Magic won’t do. Myths won’t work either. This God must be real.

Because God is silent and invisible, we tend to think He is absent from us. When we can’t “feel” His presence with the accompanying tingle on the back of the neck and the chill along the spinal cord, we tend to think He is absent. Our experience is more of the divine absence than of the divine presence.

To be known by God is our highest privilege. The deepest folly of man is to flee from the eye of God. Hiding from God is as foolish as it is futile. There is no adequate hiding place. We can call from the mountains to fall upon us and the hills to cover us. But the eye of God can see through mountains and penetrate the cloak of hills.

God is neither under law nor apart from law but rather is a law unto Himself. God’s actions are bound by God’s nature. He must always act and does act according to His own character. His own character is altogether pure and morally perfect. He cannot act in an arbitrary manner because it is not His nature to be arbitrary.

The more we search the Scriptures the deeper we should move in our understanding of God. The more we know Him, the more we understand how worthy He is of our worship. We adore Him because He is adorable. We honor Him because He is honorable. We love Him because He is altogether lovely.