Jun 20, 2018

The Great Commission Ought to Be Ordinary

1 Min Read

In this brief clip from his new teaching series, The Great Commission, Burk Parsons explains that what Christ calls Christians to do in the Great Commission ought to be ordinary.


Now one of the most significant things about the Great Commission is that it's not a dialogue. The focus is all upon Jesus. In this Great Commission, Jesus is the star. Jesus is the very central part of this Great Commission. And as you can see from looking at it, at the very outset, the New Testament and the Bible nowhere calls this a Great Commission. It is nowhere referred to as a Great Commission. We call it the Great Commission. Now appropriately so in that the Commission is great in its scope. It's great in what it calls us to do. It's great in its significance. It's weighty in what it is calling us to do. But the Bible doesn't call it the Great Commission, because as we see here in the Great Commission, what Christ calls us to do is really quite ordinary or at least it ought to be ordinary. It ought to be the general practice of every Christian and every church in all the world—doing what we as the church are called to do.