Sep 17, 2010

The Grace of Cheerful Giving

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"In the last few years, the U.S. economy has faced its greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, and Americans are not out of the woods yet. This financial debacle, fueled by failed mortgages, has rippled through every sector of the economy. The values of homes and investments have plummeted. Consumer confidence has fallen to an all-time low. Millions are out of work, wondering how they will make ends meet. Since charitable giving is one of the first areas to suffer in an economic downturn, churches have felt the pinch and many have been forced to slash budgets and lay off staff. There’s no question we live in challenging times, but with each new challenge comes opportunity."

What kind of opportunity could lie in the midst of such trouble? According to Frank Cavalli, "In this season of want, perhaps God intends to teach His people some fresh lessons about the grace of giving." Read more in The Grace of Cheerful Giving, an article from this month's issue of Tabletalk.