Feb 28, 2013

The Gospel-Driven Life: An Interview with Michael Horton

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Here's an excerpt from The Gospel-Driven Life, an interview with Michael Horton in the February issue of Tabletalk.

Tabletalk: Some argue that your emphasis on the law/gospel distinction borders on Lutheranism. What is your view, and how do you respond to your critics?

Michael Horton: Great question. Lutherans and Calvinists disagree about some important issues. However, there's a tendency today to obscure those areas of shoulder-to-shoulder agreement. This is one of those areas. The law/gospel distinction is deep in our Reformed tradition: in John Calvin, the Second Helvetic Confession, our formative theologians of the post-Reformation era, the Puritans, and all the way to the present. At the same time, Lutherans and Calvinists also embrace the "third use of the law" (namely, to direct Christian obedience).

I'm very encouraged to see a new generation of Reformed Christians exploring the wealth of our historical theology, and they are seeing this distinction all over the place in our tradition.

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