Oct 30, 2013

Google Hangout with Lee Webb: Journalism, Theology, & Renewing Your Mind

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As we seek to leverage new technology for the advancement of God's Kingdom, this year we're hosting several live Google Hangouts with Christian leaders.

Google Hangout with Lee Webb

On October 30 we were joined by Lee Webb, Ligonier's new Vice President of Broadcasting, for a conversation about his accomplished career in journalism, the importance of having a robust Christian worldview in your vocation, and his new role as host of Renewing Your Mind. You can re-watch the Hangout here or below.

What is a Google Hangout?

These "Hangouts" are video broadcasts that you can watch live via our blog, our YouTube channel, or our Google+ page. If you can't watch live, these Google Hangouts will be immediately available for you to replay here on the blog.