Mar 10, 2011

The Goodness of the Law

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In his contribution to this month's issue of Tabletalk, R.C. Sproul wonders how the psalmist can have such great love for God's law. "'Oh how I love your law!' (Ps. 119:97). What a strange statement of affection. Why would anyone direct his love toward the law of God? The law limits our choices, restricts our freedom, torments our consciences, and pushes us down with a mighty weight that cannot be overcome, and yet the psalmist declares his affection for the law in passionate terms. He calls the law sweeter than honey to his mouth (Ps. 119:3)."

"What is it about the law of God that can provoke such affection?" Dr. Sproul offers several answers to that question: the law is a reflection of a great lawgiver, the law speaks the truth about us and about God, the law is a guide, it is a restraint, and best of all, is that it tells us how we may please God.

Read about this and more in The Goodness of the Law.