Nov 2, 2021

God’s Kingdom and the Scriptures

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Here’s an excerpt from God’s Kingdom and the Scriptures, Richard L. Pratt Jr.'s contribution to the November issue of Tabletalk

Christ and His Apostles and prophets taught that every part of Scripture consents to or agrees with every other part. The entire Bible reveals one true faith—a coherent system of beliefs, a single story, one path of life for God’s faithful servants to follow. But getting our arms around how everything in the Bible is organized isn’t easy.

The problem is that the Scriptures don’t explain their coherent system of beliefs one topic at a time. We don’t get their unified story chapter by chapter. Their moral guidance doesn’t come in one neatly packaged set of rules. Rather, the Bible is an anthology of sixty-six books, written in many genres over a span of 1,500 years by some forty human authors. These authors were led by the Holy Spirit to address a multitude of topics in various ways to guide God’s people through different circumstances.

So, how does all this variety fit together?

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